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How it works?

The secret is simple:

7 DAYS is enough to make a habit of learning English.
Take a challenge! Stay focused on English for 7 days.
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Repeat words, phrases or sentences
with fun

Work everyday for 15, 30 minutes or maybe 2 hours, depending on how fast you want to memorise words. Our repetition system will help you take 100% of effectivenes in this time.


Collect every new word in one place.

Put every new word in one place.
Collect words, phrases etc. from movies you watch, books you read or class you attend.
Don’t waste your time for boring stuff - learn real English instead.

Start collecting and learning words!

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There’s a lot more in Vocabla:


Chat with people. Yes! Chat with them
in English.

Meet friends from around the world. Share your words, movies, photos - anything helpful while learning English.

Invite your class or group and learn together.


Collaborate with your class or group
and with your teacher!

Make a list of words to learn with your teacher and group.
Never miss anything from your lesson.

Are you a teacher?

Vocabla can help you to organize your workflow.

Improve your English now!

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„It is really helping me a lot to improve my vocabulary and keep in mind the new words I have learned.”

Adela, Madrid

„I just love this app”

Staszek, Katowice

„I' d like to tell you that this app is so good!!!”

Qihan Zuo, Beijing

„It's so amazing tool. Thank you so much for your website. I feel I’m improving my language skills everyday”

Zaiba Fatima, Riyadh

„I’m memorizing vocab really fast. Finally something I can honestly recommend to my friends!”

Farhad Ergüner, Istanbul

„Super simple. I’ve never learned so efficiently!”

Rita Pereira, Lisbon

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